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Connecting Halogen to Mondrian's Cube


  1. A running Mondrian OLAP server
  2. A running MySQL server with foodmart sample database

Specify the connection

You need to specify 2 things in Connection tab :
  • JDBC url for your database
  • Location of Mondrian's cube definition
For example, here I use foodmart sample database in mysql database - mysql driver is included by default in Halogen - and Foodmart's cube definition which is also a default cube configuration in Mondrian's bundled package.

Foodmart's Cube Connection String


From OLAP Navigator's Connection tab, enter the URL text in connection string box. Click connect button. Once you connected, the button caption text will change to Disconnect.

Selecting your report's view

  • Click on Selection tab
  • Choose Sales cube from Select Cube's drop down list.
  • Choose Stores in Dimensions list box and click Move To Row button.
    • Click + button to expand the Stores dimension.
    • Click on All Stores hierarchies and select Include Children
  • Choose Measures in Dimensions list box and click Move To Column button
    • Expand the Measures dimension
    • Click on Unit Sales and choose member
  • Choose Time in Dimensions list box and click Move To Filter button
    • Click on 1997 and choose member
  • The final layout will looks like below

Viewing Report

  • Click on Report tab
  • Now you will see your query execution result and a chart representing your data