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Check MySQL Setup


If you have setup your Mondrian's sample database in MySQL and want to check whether it is setup correctly in your Tomcat's installation, here I have a sample JSP file you can use for that purpose.


Download my sample JSP attached at the end of the article (showtables.jsp). Copy the file into your Mondrian's web app folder.


Open this file in your favorite editor and change the following line to meet your MySQL's configuration :

String url="jdbc:mysql://localhost/foodmart?user=root&password=";

In this sample, I have local MySQL setup (localhost) pointing to foodmart database, and a user root with no password.


Open your browser and navigate to the url of the copied file (eg: http://localhost/mondrian/showtables.jsp), and you should get a listing of tables in your foodmart database setup.

List o tables in Foodmart Database (with total number of rows)

account (11)
agg_c_10_sales_fact_1997 (12)
agg_c_14_sales_fact_1997 (86805)
agg_c_special_sales_fact_1997 (86805)
agg_g_ms_pcat_sales_fact_1997 (2637)
agg_l_03_sales_fact_1997 (20522)
agg_l_04_sales_fact_1997 (323)
agg_l_05_sales_fact_1997 (86154)
agg_lc_06_sales_fact_1997 (4464)
agg_lc_100_sales_fact_1997 (86602)
agg_ll_01_sales_fact_1997 (86829)
agg_pl_01_sales_fact_1997 (86829)
category (4)
currency (72)
customer (10281)
days (7)
department (12)
employee (1155)
employee_closure (7179)
expense_fact (2400)
inventory_fact_1997 (4070)
inventory_fact_1998 (7282)
position (18)
product (1560)
product_class (110)
promotion (1864)
region (110)
reserve_employee (143)
salary (21252)
sales_fact_1997 (86837)
sales_fact_1998 (164558)
sales_fact_dec_1998 (18325)
store (25)
store_ragged (25)
time_by_day (730)
warehouse (24)
warehouse_class (6)

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Feris Thia,
Jun 28, 2008, 10:40 PM